our impact.

“Trust is a key factor in working successfully with consultants, and Vanessa has mine in spades. Vanessa approaches each situation with thoughtfulness, an understanding of my company’s values and sound judgement, all the while keeping employee needs and business realities in mind. She is an outstanding collaborator who is just as happy to roll up her sleeves and dive into tactics as she is mapping out strategy, often doing both with minimal direction or input. I appreciate that Vanessa quickly adds value and delivers extraordinary results. Vanessa has been an extremely valuable partner to me offering insightful advice, balanced perspective and candid feedback.”

Niki Leondakis
Commune Hotels & Resorts
(parent company to Thompson Hotels, Joie de Vivre Hotels and tommie)

“Vanessa is an activator of potential…for brands, projects, people, and anything she puts her attention and focus on. She has a deep understanding of how to position companies by focusing on both internal strategies to unlock potential through employee engagement and culture building, as well consumer-facing programs that drive awareness and help her clients shine. At the core, she focuses on people and relationship-building as a potent approach for high-impact results, far exceeding her clients’ vision. I have rarely seen someone who can so quickly add value.

Beyond her business acumen, Vanessa brings a personality to her work that is at once disarming, likable, and confident. I couldn’t speak more highly of Vanessa!”

Shannon Sinunu
Strategic Partnerships

“Vanessa’s integrity, creativity and gift for building relationships make her a superb communications professional. She always brings a high-level of personal commitment, foresight and strategic thinking to all of her communications programs. Vanessa has a quick wit and is a fantastic writer and I admire and respect her tremendously.”

Stephanie Hess
Senior Director, Corporate Communications

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Vanessa on hundreds of culture-building projects at Kimpton, ranging from employee engagement campaigns to large-scale crisis situations (and everything in between). In every case, her thoughtfulness, creativity, diplomacy and understanding of workplace culture led to positive, game-changing outcomes.

Vanessa offers up the invaluable combination of being a champion for employees, trusted counsel for company leaders and a driver of the business case. She knows how to drive positive cultural change in a way that feels good to employees and executives, in a way that’s caring, efficient and aligned with company values. I highly, highly recommend Vanessa for any company seeking to build or market their employee culture.”

Mary Ann Holt
Director of people & Culture
Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants